Selasa, 19 April 2011

Live in Love

another from new orange, enjoy it! :D

morning is coming
something rings kring kring
but, it's just nothing
I'm still sleeping
nothing cant bother me today
it's my day, my only day
whatever people say
I'll be just okay

the sun is shining
my feet are stepping
on this street I'm walking
my heart is singing
today is just for smiling
no more tears, no more crying
everything is happy ending

reff :
Cause I love my life
for the tears I cry
for the moment I smile
I swear that I love my life
I know there are a lot of loves loving me
though thousands out there
don't care about me
they're gonna see
whatever life could be
I really love my life

when everything
seems do not bless you
just go ahead and never look back
cause everything that has gone
will never come back
tears won't make anything
get better
and the best thing you can do
is just be stronger

this is how you love your life
this how I love my life

so sweet

I love new orange. it's band of my sister's friend. The song is so amazing. Here it is! And I will post the others later.

One day, I saw you there
Standing like a lonely kid, and
One day, I passed you by
Feeling only like a breeze
All days I saw you were around
Still there was nothing special
But it
all changed
When everything seemed so strange

Maybe, cause cause cause cause cause ..

Cause you’re so sweet
And it’s so sweet
You make me feel so high
Cause you’re so sweet
And it’s so sweet
You give me wings to fly
Then let me falling
To the deepest part of your heart

So strange to feel like this
You make me feel like an idiot
When this heart stop beating
Just because of your stupid eyes
When I feel like freezing
Just because you pass me by
What kind of crazy stuff is this?
Or maybe what they say is true?
That I’m in love with you!

Maybe, cause cause cause cause cause ..

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Senin, 18 April 2011

girls are like apple

Girls are like apples on tree. 
The best ones are at the top of the tree. The boys don't want to reach for the good ones cause they're afraid of falling and getting hurt. Instead, they just get the rooten apples from the ground that aren't as good but easy.
 So the apples at the top think that something is wrong with them. 
When in reality, they're amazing
They just have to wait for the right boy to come along whose brave enough to climb all away to the top of tree.

Sabtu, 16 April 2011


I hate when I have to get a hunch. I knew something unusual will happen, even the bad. I myself was not actually know this feeling go where, which I know is that something will happen. I hate it because usually my gut is rarely wrong, and when I get a bad feeling it really makes me frustrated. I want to share it on anyone, but it is so difficult to explain this to others, because this is only a hunch that sometimes baseless and illogical. I mean, not everyone believes in things like this, I really do not want to believe in things like this, but reality gave me the proof for me to believe.

Like last afternoon, I got a hunch on my friend, amani. And you know what? This morning Dian sent me a message that told me that Amani had an accident. See?

Sabtu, 09 April 2011

what I feel

It's not sometimes to feel like this. it becomes often. I often feel like don't know who I am. I mean I don't really understand with what I feel. when my friend or somebody else asks me "what's wrong?" I become confused. I know that there is something wrong, I feel it. but if I must tell them how this something wrong is I can't cause I don't know how the way to tell it.

I dont know why I'm always afraid to share my feelings, all my sorrow, all my heartache, all my fears and all the other horrible things.
I've ever found a quote, like this "When you share your problems it does not mean you are weak by any measure. What it actually indicates is your high level of trust to others."
but for my case it is not like that. it's not if you think that I could not believe other people, I just don't want others to feel this sucks too.

Jumat, 01 April 2011


Nani ga nai hibi, kono mainichi
ima kou shite koko ni iki
yaranakya naranai koto mo
nakanaka dekinai koto mo
sore takusan aru kedo
itsudemo ganbattekou
sore mo mawari no egao
ni hagemasareta okage da yo

Nandakanda ittatte yappa
hontou kansha, sore ga aru sa
kakekaenai tomodachi, kazoku
tomo ni kokochi yoku sugosu
ima ga atte mina ga atte
matte tatte waratterareru
tamarazu ni namida wo
nagasu hodo arigatou

hagemashitekureru daiji na hito e
ima wo kuruu kono kimochi wo
wasurezu ni, itsumo

Hito no mae dewa ijiwaru bakkari
demo futari nara itsu demo yasashii
kuchi genka wa makete bakkari
maikai saigo wa asari warattari
tama niwa oshare shite dekaketari
kedo wagamama de meiwaku kaketari
donna toki mo mi mamotte kureru
anata ni tsutsumareteru

Dakara anata nimo arigatou
ima sara terekusai kedo
hitori de mayoi konda tonere mo
ishou nara hikari no koboreru hou e
isogashiku temo tsukarete ite mo
oyasumi to denwa wo shite kureru
sono chiisana yasashisa ga
itsumo ureshii kara

hagemashitekureru daiji na hito e
ima wo kuruu kono kimochi wo
wasurezu ni, itsumo

Tama ni sure chigattari
idi wo hariattari
sunao ni narehen kedo
kekkyoku yappa meccha daiji yakara
kore kara mo yoroshiku ne to kokoro kara

Atarimae demo
atarimae janai
ikite iru ima ni kansha shitetai
itsu made mo shiawase datou
anata ni tsutaetai

hagemashitekureru daiji no hito e
ima wo kuruu kono kimochi wo
wasurezu ni, itsumo

Kyou asu mo asatte mo
sou minna de waratte you
donna toki mo kawaranai
kizuna wo shinjiyou
kyou asu mo asatte mo
sou isho ni aruitekou
mou nani ga okotte mo
nantoka narisou

Arigatou, arigatou...
Arigatou, arigatou...
Arigatou, arigatou...
Arigatou, arigatou...

To those who laugh, support,
and encourage me,

Every day's a carefree day
that's how I'm living.
The things I must do
and the things I can't do
there are so many of them, but
I always do my best
because of all your encouraging smiles.

If I had to say something
my answer would really be gratitude
to my irreplaceable friends and family
overflowing with happiness together
I have the present and I've got everyone
so I can still smile on a bad day
I'm so thankful, I can't hold back my tears.

*To those who laugh, support,
and encourage me,
I won't ever forget this feeling.

In front of others, you're only mean to me
but when it's just us you're always so nice.
You always lose our arguments
but you always smile so easily the end.
Sometimes I want to dress up and go out
and my selfishness can be annoying
but you still watch over me either way
covering me with your warmth.
That's why I want to say thank you
even though it's embarrassing saying it just now.
Even if I lose my way in a dark tunnel
we can find the shining exit together.
Even when you're tired and busy, you still call me to say "good night"
I'm always so happy for these small kindnesses.

Sometimes we stubbornly dissagree
and refuse to give in, but
in the end, you're still very important to me, so
even now, I sincerely hope we're together

It's so obvious, yet it's not.
I want to show how grateful I am for being alive right now.
I always want to let you know I'm happy.

Today, tomorrow, and the day after, we'll all laugh together.
Let's trust our bonds won't change no matter what.
Today, tomorrow, and the day after, we'll all walk together.
No matter what happens, we'll somehow stay together.

Thank you